NewMerino is verified by Control Union, and independent, internationally operated certification body specialising in sustainability, certifications and inspections.

This verification covers:

  1. The Internal Control System (administration)
  2. Standards for Responsible Merino Production
  3. Traceability Protocol
  4. On-Farm Protocol

The production standards are based on the OIE Five Freedoms and focus on animal welfare and sustainability factors, specifically:

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Nutrition
  • Shearing
  • Land Management
  • Farm Management
  • Traceability

“CUA concludes that the stated outcomes of the NewMerino® systems are achieved in an accurate, reliable and objective manner. Within the parameters of the scope, the NewMerino® system was observed to successfully provide assurance to stakeholders on the production and traceability of wool from responsibly managed farms.

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