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verified non-mulesed

Australian merino

Australian Merino 100%

Verified non-mulesed

Fully traceable

Fine and ‘super fine’

Premium quality fleece

Performance Features of Merino wool

Merino wool has many special performance features and benefits as a textile fibre.  Click the above link to view these in detail.

Click above image to to see further information about the standards and a link to a full copy of the Standards document.

NewMerino® wool is sourced from what we like to call our ‘New Generation Farmers’. We do this because of their highly responsible approach to farm management and willingness to embrace new genetics, technologies and grazing strategies.

Their management systems are designed to deliver the highest levels of animal welfare and to preserve and improve the sustainability and biodiversity of their land, their pastures and their water resources.

Our New Generation Farmers are audited against a documented set of standards for Animal Welfare (including the Five Freedoms) and Land Management to become Certified Merino Producers, and members of our New Generation Supply Network.

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Three Easy Steps for Brands
New Generation Farmers

In addition to meeting the NewMerino® Standards for responsible wool production, members of the New Generation farmer network, are required to create and maintain a detailed forecast of their wool production within our Virtual Warehouse. Farm brand, location, mob identification, sheep numbers, shearing dates and a forecast of the anticipated test results of their wool are all included.

The Virtual Warehouse is a unique part of the process as it enables NewMerino® to match retail demand with supply from suitably qualified farmers while maintaining complete traceability.

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