How we supply   –   A Value Chain Approach

Traditionally, wool has been supplied through a multi-member commodity trading system within which there is inherent conflict of interest and a loss of supplier identity.

We supply wool through our unique value chain, a proactive, one-to-one tightly linked supply chain. This creates a transparent link between farms and retail brands and maintains integrity and provenance every step of the way.

It is our facilitation of supply transactions and the provision of verification at every change of custody that creates traceability. And because we do not take ownership at any stage we operate without bias or conflict of interest.

All our suppliers must be members of our network of registered New Generation Farmers.

Our Virtual Warehouse

As members of the New Generation Supply Network, farmers are required to create and maintain a detailed forecast of their current wool production within our ‘Virtual Warehouse’ data base.

Farm brand, location, sheep numbers, volumes, shearing dates and forecast test results of their wool are included.

This is a vital part of the NewMerino® process as it enables us to match retail demand for verified non-mulesed wool with supply from suitably qualified farmers while meeting lead times and maintaining complete traceability.

This approach enables retail brands to develop genuine farm supply stories to support marketing of their products.

Most importantly, the system has been designed to make it very easy for brands to use as NewMerino®, in effect becomes part of your team working in your interest.

Three Easy steps for Brands
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