This garment is made using genuine NewMerino® fibre grown in Australia.

NewMerino® is a natural fibre grown by merino sheep grazing free in open grass lands.

Sheep are cared for by farmers specially selected because they meet all the standards for animal welfare, land and water management.

NewMerino® certifies these farmers as Preferred Producers.

The brand’s story.

Space available for the brand to tell their story about their products and their attitude toward encouraging the development of a sustainable textile industry and their  commitment to human and animal welfare, land management product quality and a ‘fair go’ for all.

Australian farmers supplying this brand

Steve and Tracy Evans run a farm named ‘Coomba’ at Rylstone in the Central West of NSW. It is 2,200ha of picturesque fertile country running 9,000 merinos of 17 to 18 micron wool. Some of the farm has been in the Evans family since Australia was first settled. This is a well run property with an holistic approach to the management of the land and an ethical approach to livestock.

Steve and Katie Kiss: ‘Currawarra’ has been held by the Kiss Family since the 1930’s and has predominantly been run as a self replacing merino flock. The sheep are wrinkle free and mulesing ceased in 2007.  Stock numbers are adjusted to match growth of pastures in all seasons to maintain constant ground cover and improve soil health. The cell grazing system used on Currawarra has 140 paddocks to enable short grazing periods and longer rest periods. This enhances our native perennial grasses which in turn increases soil carbon and generates a stronger resilience in our landscape.