Shearing Code Of Conduct

This document has been developed to provide a set of guidelines for shearing contractors.

This document should be displayed in the shearing shed for shearers and sheds to be clear as to how the shed should operate in relation to good animal welfare.

Shearing Code of Conduct

Record Keeping

Good record keeping is regarded as an important element of maintaining standards.

It demonstrates a professional approach to management and provides evidence to others that this is the case.


Full Collection of Templates

Individual Templates

The following individual templates are designed to assist farmers set up an appropriate record keeping system.

Visitors Log

Stock Injuries & Mortality Records

Veterinary Chemical Treatment record

Shearing Injuries Record

Staff Training Reco   rd

Planning Package

The button below provides a document containing:

  • Policy statement for Animal Welfare
  • Policy statement for Land Management
  • Guidelines to assist develop a Land Management Plan
  • Guidelines to assist develop an Animal Health Plan

You can print the complete package or any individual page.

Planning Package

Ceased Mulesing Definition

Wool from sheep where mulesing has ceased on the property.

No lambs born on this property in the last 12 months have been mulesed.

No purchased sheep have been mulesed

AWEX 2017

Chemical Storage

There are laws in all states covering the regulating and safe storage of Agricultural and Veterinary  Chemicals.

Farmers have legal obligations to assess and manage risks associated with agricultural and veterinary chemical storage on farm.

The following checklists and guidelines have been taken from material published by Agriculture Victoria.

Chemical Storage Checklist