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NewMerino Supply Network

Under the auction system, there is little to no information about availability of wool until a few days before each auction each week. This makes it difficult to plan supply and to build relationships with individual growers.

To overcome this NewMerino® has developed a unique supply planning system. This system enables growers to register their farm along with details about their merino enterprise.

These details include all the key elements of animal welfare and land management as well as a detailed forecast of their merino production.

The merino production forecast includes planned shearing dates, numbers of sheep, estimates of kgs of wool per sheep, micron, length and strength of fibre, vegetable matter content etc.

NewMerino can search our database at any time to identify growers who are producing wool to your specification and with a shearing month which will allow sufficient lead time to produce tops ex works to meet your requirements.

Consolidated forecast of current members

Responsibly Managed Farms

Certified Non-mulesed Wool

Verified & Fully Traceable

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