Supply Chain Transparency

The NewMerino® supply ‘chain of custody’ is designed to provide full transparency between professional wool growers and brands.

NewMerino® facilitates a tightly linked supply chain which maintains the integrity of the original farm quality along the processing chain.

The verification and certification system ensures that wool is sourced directly from growers, has known and documented attributes and meets stated standards for the technical and measured attributes as well as land management and animal welfare.

NewMerino® provides a free flow of information in both directions with the goal of brands having confidence about the integrity of the product and growers knowing who their customer is.

NewMerino® facilitates the supply of wool from known and trusted professional wool growers, and the growers participating in this program are known as ‘Certified Merino Growers’.

Understanding how is NewMerino® different?

NewMerino® facilitates supply transactions without taking ownership at any stage. We therefore operate without bias or conflict of interest.

It is a pro active ‘one-to-one’ chain of custody maintaining the identity of the source of the fibre.

The traditional auction / trading system is a commodity or ‘one-to-many’ system which by its very nature disconnects farmers from the supply chain at the first point of entry preventing traceability and certification.