Three Simple Steps for Retail Brands

Make the decision to engage in a managed supply chain

  • Advise us your company’s sustainability and animal welfare goals.
  • Provide us with an outline of your product categories and time-frames
  • Introduce us to your preferred spinner and knitter or weaver.
  1. Advise your spinner* that your are working with NewMerino® to provide a totally transparent supply chain.
  2. That you will require NewMerino® Transaction Certificates.
  3. That NewMerino® will be selecting and verifying the farmers from which the wool is to be sourced

* or your first point of contact in your supply chain

We are now on your team, working with your processing partners to ensure that your merino products will be:

  • Authentic
  • Ethically managed
  • Sustainably produced
  • Fully Traceable

100% Australian merino – and you will be able to prove it.

This is what we will do for you:

Develop lead time plan

In consultation with your spinner we will calculate shipping date ex Australia to meet processing lead times.

Develop Supply plan report

This report will:

  • Confirms supply chain partners
  • Confirm the attributes required
  • Identify a time line for greasy wool supply and tops and yarn production

Select supply

  • Identify and communicate with suitably qualified farmers.
  • Work with farmers to determine availability of technically suitable wool and compliance with standards and protocols.

Facilitate Purchase and Export

  • Work with topmaker and their Australian exporter to facilitate purchasing and export of greasy wool in accordance with specifications.

Provide Transaction Certificates

  • Greasy Wool Transaction Certificate
  • Topmaking Transaction Certificate
  • Spinning Transaction Certificate


  1. We will keep you informed of progress at each stage.
  2. Provide you with a ‘Certificate of Origin & Attributes’. This report consolidates all key information about the consignment – the critical components for traceability. These include:
  • Contributing farmers and volumes from each farm.
  • Greasy wool consignment details providing weighted average of all farm lots included.
  • Names of all processing partners and shipping details.
  • Production details of tops and yarn

Additionally we will provide other relevant information you may require to develop your marketing story.

Click here for PDF printable copy Three Easy Steps for Brands