Description of Standards

The NewMerino® standards have been designed to enable farmers to operate an Australian merino wool growing enterprise in a fully responsible manner regarding the welfare of the sheep and the land on which they graze.

The standards have been developed in accordance with, recognised international standards, Australian state and federal laws and codes of practice developed by Animal Health Australia, RSPCA and state Departments of Agriculture.

The standards and procedures are designed to enable brands, retailers and processors to have full confidence in the authenticity of their fibre supply and the manner in which it has been produced and harvested.

The standards cover the following areas:

  • Management and farm infrastructure
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Behaviour and handling of livestock
  • Soil and water
  • Biodiversity
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Shearing Code of Conduct

Protocols have been written for:

  • Registration and Certification process
  • Auditing of farms
  • Traceability using a Transaction Certificates system backed by actual commercial documents.

These protocols have been verified by Control Union, an independent, internationally operated certification body.

References used in the development of standards:

Textile Exchange: Responsible Wool Standards

Animal Health Australia Sheep Standards & Guidelines

Agriculture Victoria

RSPCA  Knowledge base

A Code of Welfare for Australian Livestock Working Dogs

For information on the use of 1080 poison:

Pestsmart        Agriculture Victoria         RSPCA

More about the Standards

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Key Differences to the RWS

There are some very sound reasons why NewMerino® standards and procedures are different to RWS. Click above button to see these explained.

They have been very carefully thought through to provide an efficient and effective implementation while maintaining the integrity and veracity of the standards.