Supply Security for Spinners

Our Grower Supply Network is a database of growers who have registered as potential suppliers by providing extensive details about their farming operations as well as forecasting their merino production for the next 12 months.

All these growers run plain bodied sheep and have ceased the practice of mulesing.

Using our forecasting system we are able to identify growers who are verified as producing non-mulesed wool and are able to select them by micron and shearing date.

  • We do not to trade in wool but we do facilitate supply.
  • Sale transaction is conducted through your usual exporter or topmaker.

Our verification system can be used to as a single platform to verify farms to any of the documented standards (eg Responsible Wool Standard or standards developed by individual brands).

Supply Landscape

The landscape for merino supply from Australia has change because of:

  • Diminishing volume
  • Brands requiring certification of farmers
  • Brands requiring verification, transparency and provenance

NewMerino offers a Supply Security Service using our register of growers providing detailed forecasts which can be matched to forward demand projections from Retail Brands and Spinners.