Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

The RWS is an international standard for the production of wool.

It is available through NewMerino operating as an Internal Control System (ICS) under the Farm Group Certification Model as described in the RWS protocol documents.

The NewMerino registration and verification system is designed to provide a single platform through which growers can become certified to NewMerino and / or the RWS.


NewMerino standards are closely aligned with the RWS and the current version is in a very similar format to make it easy to compare.

The only differences are where Australian conditions or laws dictate.

If you qualify as a ‘Certified NewMerino Grower’ you will almost certainly qualify as RWS. The key difference is in the administration and auditing process and the Textile Exchange and Certifying Body fees. Because of this, the cost of RWS certification is a little higher.

Click the RWS logo to visit the Responsible Wool Standard web site

Administration System

NewMerino can provide Internal Control Systems (ICS) for RWS broker groups or independent grower RWS groups.