Overview – A summary of the services we provide

The NewMerino mission is to fulfill the contemporary need for provenance and product integrity.

We do this by providing verification that merino farming operations are conducted to international standards for animal welfare and land management while providing full transparency in the wool supply chain.

Independence and Single Focus

NewMerino is an independent and single focused organisation.

Importantly, it is an organisation which does not take ownership of wool at any stage and can therefore operate without bias or conflict of interest.

NewMerino works comfortably with all stages of the supply chain representing the interest of retail brands.

To earn income, NewMerino charges a certification fee to the top maker as a component of the export costs.

The Certification System

The certification system is designed to minimising cost without compromising the veracity of the standards.

It uses a web-based system for registration and gathering the primary data required by the standard.

This information along with a Farmer Declaration is used to conduct a desk audit prior to an on-farm audit.

Standards for a responsible Merino production in Australia

NewMerino works to a protocol and a set of documented standards written to conform with internationally recognised animal welfare and land management standards.

The standards are supported by separately documented on-farm auditing protocol, checklists and non-conformance reporting along with templates to assist growers with record keeping and planning requirements.

Traceability System

The NewMerino traceability system is designed around the aggregation of interlinking commercial documents associated directly with the sale transaction.

It is intended to verify the integrity and traceability of processing consignments from growers through to spinning.

The benefit of this system is speed and efficiency.

Supply Forecasting System

The Grower Supply Network is a web-based database to facilitate the efficient matching of demand for wool from certified farms with supply.

Registered growers use six ‘Mob Tabs’ to forecast and promote the availability of their wool production through a series of questions with dropdown answer options.

Internal Control System (ICS)

The internal control system (administration) is designed to enable the development of Responsible Wool Standard Farm Groups.

The Farm Group model ICS is also suitable for the administration of grower groups certified under propriety 3rd party standards.

Supply Facilitation for Retail Brands

Having decided to implement a more highly specified supply involving a standard, provenance and transparency, retail brands can find it difficult to implement. This is particularly so because the supply chain is long, the major brands and processors are located in the northern hemisphere while the vast majority of merino wool is grown in the southern hemisphere.

Additionally, there are a large number of growers in Australia and seasonal conditions can impact on their product from year to year.

To assist brands overcome this separation, NewMerino offers a supply facilitation service for Australian wool.

How does this work?

Because NewMerino is independent and does not take ownership of wool, it is able to communicate directly with all early stage members of the supply chain, and to act on behalf of a retail brand. This includes:

  • Lead time planning for the supply of greasy wool.
  • Selecting growers whose shearing dates fall inside lead time requirements.
  • Identifying technically suitable wool.
  • Ensure timely purchase of raw wool by facilitating communications between exporters, top makers and spinners.
  • Providing traceback documentation about supplying growers to facilitate the development of a supply story.