Australian Non-Mulesed Wool Supply

Using AWEX (Australian Wool Exchange) data, in a series of charts we identify the estimated supply of non-mulesed wool. The data is accumulated by AWEX from the declarations made on the Wool Classer’s report which accompanies the wool to brokers stores.

Total Supply by category

The above chart represents total supply of all wool offered onto the auction market. It only covers wool which has be categorised by farmers as NM (non-mulesed). It is all wool of all micron categories so it must be noted that it not only includes XB wool but also non fleece wool.

Based on this chart, supply has reduced by around 9%. This will be because total production as measured by AWTA (Australian Wool Testing Authority) of wool has reduced by 7.4% and, in addition considerable stocks of wool are being held in brokers stores due to the current (July 2020) low price levels.

Below is a series of charts which NewMerino® has developed (using the raw data published by AWEX) to provide more a more useful insight into the non-mulesed supply capacity .

Australian wool clip is 86% merino (up to 24.5 micron) and 14% cross bread of all types

Of the merino portion, 73% is fleece wool and 27% is skirtings, lambs, bellies, stains, cotts etc.

This chart shows merino wool of all categories including the lower quality lines.

This chart identified the mulesing status of the merino fleece wool.

Volume of merino fleece wool by micron grouping.