New Generation Merino

New Generation Merino represent the combination of new thinking and new practice across the merino industry from farm to yarn.

Embracing all these elements, the NewMerino® brand is designed to generate consumer confidence in Australian merino supply and deliver greater value for all the participants.

It’s about the farmers

It’s about the sheep

It’s about animal husbandry

It’s about the supply system

It’s about land, water and bio-diversity management

It’s about transparency

It’s about a brand designed around integrity and authenticity of Australian merino

A New Generation Supply Service

NewMerino® has developed a unique, pro-active and tightly managed one to one supply system drawing supply only from qualified farmers registered on our system.

The system provide full transparency so that brands know who their suppliers are and that wool is being grown on responsibly managed farms.

It is VERY simple for brands to implement. All a brand need to do is to specify to their spinner that the yarn must come with a NewMerino® Certificate of Origin & Attributes.  READ MORE about the supply service

New Generation Merino Sheep

The science of sheep genetics and the development of sheep breeding values (ASBVs), performance testing, data recording and analysis have made huge advances over the last 25 years.

The result is that it is now possible to breed a ‘plain bodied’ merino sheep which is highly productive and because it has a significantly reduced risk of fly strike they do not require mulesing.

There are now approximately 4,000 farmers running ‘plain bodied’ merinos. READ MORE about New Generation merino sheep.

New Generation Farmers

All wool supplied into the NewMerino® chain of custody must come from ‘Registered’ NewMerino Growers’.

These growers must demonstrate that their farms are managed in a sustainable and holistic manner and that all animals are cared for in accordance with NewMerino® standards for responsible farm management.  Learn more about the standards.

Note: Mulesing or any form of breech modification is not permitted.

New Generation Land Management

NewMerino® farmers  are selected because they operate, or are in the process of implementing, a grazing management strategy based on long term sustainability.

The management system must embrace holistic farming principals with the goal of developing and maintaining a resilient ecosystem that can regenerate, withstand stress and rebuild itself when necessary.

Their goal is to aim for 100% ground cover all year, with a focus on perennial grasses to regenerate the ecology and increase biodiversity. READ MORE about New Generation land management.

New Generation of Transparency

For a supply chain to be truly transparent the parties must be prepared to share information in an open and cooperative spirit, to the benefit of all the participants and with the interest of building long term relationships with the brand.

The NewMerino® verification system has a document trail from the spinner back to the individual farmers who have contributed to the processing batch. These documents are interconnected and prove the provenance of the wool and the conditions under which it has been produced and processed.

Certificate of Origin & Attributes

To ensure you have genuine NewMerino® certified wool you should inform your spinner that you will require a NewMerino® Certificate of Origin & Attributes.   READ MORE about transparency

All of the above elements are combined in the brand to represent a New Generation of Australian merino which is truly

Authentic   Ethical   Sustainable   &   Traceable