Australian Non-mulesed wool supply

The following statistics are updated as at June 30, 2019. We update these figures annually so as to represent a full year’s Australian production.

Supply of non-mulesed wool (Categories CM and NM) continues to increase slowly and now comprise 11.4% of total wool production.

The actual volume declined in the past year due to the reduction in overall wool production.

Note: This does not include wool from sheep which have been mulesed with pain relief.

There are approximately 26,000 wool growers in Australia.

Of these, approximately 3,100 produce non-mulesed wool or have ceased the practice of mulesing.

Australia produces 8,400 tons (clean weight) of non-mulesed merino fleece wool.

This is equivalent to approximately:

75% of South African total merino production

125% of Argentinian total merino production

100% of New Zealand total merino production

Mulesing Statistics 2018 – 2019  Source: AWEX


Of the 22,767 tons of NM=CM wool, only 36% or 8,108 tons of this is Merino Fleece wool.

Of the total Australian wool clip of 203,021 tons, only 4% is Merino Fleece wool.

This table compares the categories of NM & CM wool to the total Australian wool clip (all wool categories and microns)