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A Specialised Supply Service

NewMerino is designed as a specialised supply service with a Network of Growers meeting international standards for animal welfare and land management who have an interest in becoming  direct suppliers to retail brands.

Brands are recognizing that they need to build their own supply networks to ensure supply security, verification of attributes, genuine provenance and a solid marketing story.

Moving out of the commodity market

NewMerino has developed a data base of growers who have an interest in building a supply relationship with their real customer – the retail brands and their spinners.

Matching Supply with Demand

To do this, we need to understand your potential to supply. What merino wool you grow and in what months it will be available. This can be seen as a ‘virtual warehouse’ of wool to provide a meaningful service to the demand side of the industry.

This is an essential tool to effectively match demand with supply in a manner that will be commercially effective and build the missing link.

There is no cost for growers to register and no obligation to sell.

However, please provide a forecast of your production so we have the potential to match your production with a retail brand.

Growers Log in and register here

Benefits for growers

  • Always receiving full market value for each line of wool
  • Premiums for non-mulesed status
  • Loyalty premiums for regular suppliers
  • Recognition as operating a responsibly managed farm
  • Knowing who is using your wool and where it is being processed
  • Wear garments made from your wool

NewMerino Preferred Producers

Growers who have completed the Certification Process and maintain a current forecast of their production are classified as Preferred Producers.

What does this mean? When we receive orders from brands we first refer to this group with the goal of matching growers shearing times with the processing lead times required to meet delivery deadlines for finished garments.

The role of brokers: The supply network works through number of key brokers who have agreed to work with NewMerino to facilitate supply by conducting the selling services and payments to growers in the normal way.

This means that growers do not need to disrupt their relationship with their broker while at the same time giving them the opportunity to become a supplier to a retail brand.

Broker list

How and why Join the Supply Network

By clicking on the above link you will be taken to an information page where it is explained just how easy it is to participate. There is also a link to the login page where you can begin the short process of becoming a member of the supply network.

Once you are a member you can provide details of your forecast wool production for the next year.

This is very quick as the information required only has to be approximate and most field are set up as multiple choice drop down boxes.

You can update this information at any time as conditions change on your farm.