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Guidelines for joining and forecasting your production

Step 1 By clicking on the above link you will be taken to a ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log In’ page where you can begin the short process of becoming a ‘member’ of the supply network

Step 2 Once you have entered your name, email address and password you will be taken to the  ‘Registration’ page and asked for some details about your farm (trading name, location, contact details, choice of broker etc). Don’t forget to click SAVE button at the bottom left of the page.

Step 3 Farm Fact Sheet: The Farm Fact Sheet tab asks for all the basic information about the farm and how it operates. This is an important step to becoming a ‘Registered NewMerino Grower’

Step 4 Forecasting your production: Once you have provided your contact details and completed the Farm Fact Sheet click on the Mob 1 tab to provide brief details of you planned wool production. Click SAVE at bottom of screen.

There are 6 Mob tabs you can use to provide details of all the wool you would like to include on the register. Don’t forget to click SAVE for each mob. If you have more than six mobs you may need to consolidate some of these for forecasting purposes.

Inputting the mob details is very quick as the information required only has to be approximate and most field are set up as multiple choice drop down boxes. Choose the nearest option to the likely outcome of your wool.

Only fill in details for the number of mobs you would like to register.

Remember it is a forecast so don’t be too concerned about accuracy as you can as you can update the individual mob information at any time.

Step 5 Declaration Once this is done, you will be emailed a Declaration Form. This form is quick and easy to complete as it is designed to confirm the information provided in the Farm Fact Sheet. Please complete this promptly, sign, scan and return to NewMerino.

At this point you will become a Registered NewMerino Grower and will be emailed a Certificate to confirm this.

Log in or join here


To be able to supply retail brands on an ongoing basis and be listed as a Preferred Producer, your farm will need to become fully certified.

This simply involves an on-farm audit to confirm that all elements of you merino enterprise is operating in accordance with the standards and the declaration you have given. You can view these standards on this web site under the Standards menu.

The audit can take place any time in the 24 months following registration and NewMerino will contact you to make arrangements for this to take place.

If the forecast of your production matches the timing and specifications of orders we may have received the audit will be carried out promptly to maintain your ability to supply.

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