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Supply Made Easy for Brands

NewMerino is  a supply management service with a farm verification process designed to make it easy for retail brands while maintaining full control of your supply chain.

For a retail brands, all that is required is for you to inform your supplier that you  require a NewMerino® Certificate of Origin & Attributes to authenticate garments manufactured using Australian merino wool sourced from Responsibly Managed Farms.

NewMerino will work closely with your nominated supply chain partners to facilitate this supply through to finished tops and yarn.

All wool will be ‘non-mulesed’ from verified farms.

To provide confidence, we provide Transaction Certificates at the following stages:

  • Greasy wool export
  • Topmaking
  • Spinning


NewMerino maintains a  ‘Supply Network’ of growers who forecast their wool production annually using our unique web based system.

This provides details of shearing dates, sheep numbers and estimates of key technical elements of their forecast merino production.

The table at right is a summary of the current forecast volume:

More Detail

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