Certification   Documentation

For a supply chain to be truly transparent the parties must be prepared to share information in an open and cooperative spirit, to the benefit of all the participants and with the interest of building long term relationships with the brand.

Certificate of Origin & Attributes

You do not have genuine NewMerino® certified wool unless you hold a NewMerino® Certificate of Origin & Attributes for the current supply.

The NewMerino® verification system has a document trail from the spinner back to the individual farmers who have contributed to the processing batch. These documents are interconnected and prove the provenance of the wool and the conditions under which it has been produced and processed.

On Farm Certification

Supporting the supply chain transaction documents shown below, there is a series of on farm procedures and declarations covering animal welfare and land management procedures.

It is the combination of the availability of these documents to demonstrate that your supply is authentic and meets the stated attributes for animal welfare and land management.