Certified Merino Growers


All wool supplied into the NewMerino® chain of custody must come from ‘Certified Merino Growers’.

All Certified Merino Growers must be known to and audited by NewMerino® They must demonstrate that their farms are managed in a sustainable and holistic manner and that all animals are cared for in accordance with the principals of the Five Freedoms.

Knowledge about individual suppliers enables brands to have full confidence in authenticity of their fibre supply.

Accordingly, they can develop genuine marketing stories to support their products.

There are two categories to the NewMerino®certification system.

certified-merino-grower-GREENCertified Merino Growers

Full details of the farming operation must be known to NewMerino®

Commitment in the form of a written declaration to the principals of the Five Freedoms for animal welfare standards.

Written commitment to producing wool using sustainable grazing methods and a commitment to land and water management and the protection of native species.

Steps to becoming a Certified NewMerino Grower

  1. Registration
  2. Clip details by mob
  3. Farm Facts Sheet completed
  4. Audit (farm visit by an authorised NewMerino auditor)

Preferred Producerspreferred-producer

Preferred Producers meet all the requirements of Certified Merino Growers but in addition demonstrate a willingness to lead in the development and implementation of:

  • Regenerative grazing systems
  • Monitoring grass cover
  • Water management and soil erosion
  • Shade and shelter
  • Animal welfare
  • Sheep genetics
  • Protection of native or endangered flora
  • Protection of native or endangered fauna
  • Predator control