Wool Life Cycle Analysis

World first study shows a 'use phase' of a garment is critical to determining environmental footprint Farmonline | October 2, 2020 A ground-breaking new study that examined the environmental footprint of a wool garment shows that to fully understand the eco-credentials of a garment, it is crucial that its [...]

Wool Life Cycle Analysis2020-10-05T17:37:22+10:30

Wool Marketing and Supply Chains

Wool Marketing and Supply Chains In reference to an article on Sheep Central September 02, 2020 "Should Australia spend more or less on Wool marketing" I am horrified at the suggestion of spending $200 million on more generic marketing for wool, so I must ask the question; How do you market a commodity? After [...]

Wool Marketing and Supply Chains2020-09-04T17:49:56+09:30

Australian Wool Growers Back non-mulesed Future

This story by Terry Sim was published on Sheep Central August 5, 2020 Click image above to read full report Towards a Non-Mulesed Future AUSTRALIAN wool growers who successfully ceased mulesing have been recruited by major animal welfare groups in the battle to ban the practice on [...]

Australian Wool Growers Back non-mulesed Future2020-08-11T12:15:44+09:30

Retaining Moisture levels in landscape

Retaining moisture levels in the landscape for future production The Land | Stephen Burns | July 29, 2020 Australian farmers have access to the most natural and abundant resource in the world, solar energy. It is a free and consistent source of power which can [...]

Retaining Moisture levels in landscape2020-08-06T12:08:25+09:30

Fast Fashion – comes at a price

Synopsis Global apparel consumption is estimated to be around $1.8 trillion making it around 2.3% of global GDP. The global demand is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 5% per year as markets in China and other emerging countries expand. Fast [...]

Fast Fashion – comes at a price2020-08-06T14:18:07+09:30

Freeze Banding – Breech modification

Freeze Branding process What is Freeze Branding? Freeze branding involves the application of liquid nitrogen to folds of skin in the breech area of a lamb causing the skin to die. When healed the result is an area of stretched bare skin similar to surgical mulesing. Reference:  RSPCA Knowledge base [...]

Freeze Banding – Breech modification2020-06-25T14:41:58+09:30

Re-thinking the wool industry business model

Increasingly various people involved in the wool industry are writing about the need for change: Article published in farmonline Mar 21, 2020 Presentation by Giovanni Schneider at IWTO May 2020 Re-thinking the wool industry business model The recent article by Glenys Traill-Nash in The Australian titled Coronavirus: “Fashion [...]

Re-thinking the wool industry business model2020-08-10T23:06:39+09:30

COVID-19 Will it change the world for wool

COVID-19 will change the world and wool must change too farmonline | Vernon Graham | May 21, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic will end the era of compulsive consumerism and the struggling wool textile sector must use the crisis to completely overhaul itself. That was the blunt message given [...]

COVID-19 Will it change the world for wool2020-06-02T22:21:16+09:30

Sheep Industry can reduce flystrike to zero

Lucilia Cuprina - This is the blowfly that causes all the problems Sheep industry can reduce frystrike to zero The Land | Vernon Graham | May 12, 2020 Completely eliminating flystrike in the sheep flock is achievable but will require breeders to stop assuming mulesing and chemical treatments will [...]

Sheep Industry can reduce flystrike to zero2020-05-17T23:45:35+09:30

Open Letter from Loro Piana and Reda

Emanuela Carletti |Loro Piana Francesco Botto Poala |  Reda Collete Garnsey - Chair AWI Open Letter From Reda and Loro Piana Sheep Central | Terry Sim | May 2, 2020 PROMINENT Italian textile processor Reda and clothing company Loro Piana have penned an open [...]

Open Letter from Loro Piana and Reda2020-05-13T22:18:55+09:30
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