Wool Life Cycle Analysis

World first study shows a 'use phase' of a garment is critical to determining environmental footprint Farmonline | October 2, 2020 A ground-breaking new study that examined the environmental footprint of a wool garment shows that to fully understand the eco-credentials of a garment, it is crucial that its [...]

Wool Life Cycle Analysis2020-10-05T17:37:22+10:30

Retaining Moisture levels in landscape

Retaining moisture levels in the landscape for future production The Land | Stephen Burns | July 29, 2020 Australian farmers have access to the most natural and abundant resource in the world, solar energy. It is a free and consistent source of power which can [...]

Retaining Moisture levels in landscape2020-08-06T12:08:25+09:30

Fast Fashion – comes at a price

Synopsis Global apparel consumption is estimated to be around $1.8 trillion making it around 2.3% of global GDP. The global demand is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 5% per year as markets in China and other emerging countries expand. Fast [...]

Fast Fashion – comes at a price2020-08-06T14:18:07+09:30

Merino wool – one of the fastest fibres to biodegrade

Merino Wool Among the Fastest Fabrics to Biodegrade WWD.com  | March 30, 2020 | Fiona Ma LONDON — Merino wool is more eco-friendly than previously thought, according to a new study by The Woolmark Company that has found the fabric does not contribute to microplastics in the ocean. “Our research into wool [...]

Merino wool – one of the fastest fibres to biodegrade2020-07-12T13:17:52+09:30

Reward for Carbon storage – Nutrien

Chuck Magro, CEO, Nutrien Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds Farm Online | Andrew Marshall | March 12, 2020 The world's 1.5 billion hectares of farmland could be doing much more to absorb greenhouse gases while also generating a new agricultural commodity revenue category for farmers, says global agribusiness boss Chuck Magro. [...]

Reward for Carbon storage – Nutrien2020-03-22T15:13:23+10:30

Dust storm photographs

Dust storm, Dubbo, Parkes, NSW, Australia The Land | Nadine Morton | January 20, 2020 BLUE Sky, then dust, then thunder, then rain - what a spectacular evening it was in Dubbo, Parkes and western parts of the region on Sunday night. A low [...]

Dust storm photographs2020-03-19T16:25:08+10:30

Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies

Dung beetles at work Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies The Land | Sharon O'Keefe | January 14, 2020 Swallowed a few flies this summer? Australian scientists are looking to introduce new species of dung beetle, hoping to decrease fly populations exacerbated by [...]

Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies2020-03-15T15:08:38+10:30

Confusion rises in China

Confusion in China - Stocks low Farmonline | Vernon Graham | Sept 23, 2019 Greasy wool stocks are running low in China which should be good news for prices in the next few weeks. Speaking from China after the annual Nanjing Wool Market Conference at the weekend, Australian Wool Innovation's trade consultant, Scott Carmody, [...]

Confusion rises in China2020-03-15T15:08:39+10:30

Rehydration of the land

Peter Hazell Coordinator of Mulloon Creen Community Project Mulloon Community Project The Land | Stephen Burns | August 1, 2019 Preserving the essential nature of our landscape was the focus of an address at the regenerative agriculture workshop hosted by Gillian Sanbrook at her [...]

Rehydration of the land2020-03-15T15:08:39+10:30

Land clearing regulation

Block land clearing - loss of virgin scrub or invasive cyprus and ironbark regrowth? Returning Cyprus dominating a paddock near Bingera, NSW Unmanaged regrowth after a fire near Tingha Lack of regulatory whip The Land | Jamie Brown | June 30, 2019 Lack of [...]

Land clearing regulation2020-03-23T16:37:20+10:30
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