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MJ Bale experiment

Australian menswear retailer M.J. Bale has announced five-year agreement with a Tasmanian-based wool farm. Ragtrader | January 15, 2020 The 116-year-old conservationist-led farm, Kingston, will be secured as a supplier for the brand. The agreement includes the exclusive supply of [...]

Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies

Dung beetles at work Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies The Land | Sharon O'Keefe | January 14, 2020 Swallowed a few flies this summer? Australian scientists are looking to introduce new species of dung beetle, hoping to decrease fly populations exacerbated by [...]

Shaun the Sheep

Click the picture to see the video The Woolmark Company = Australian wool growers money. Can any see any reference to Australian merino? Shaun the Sheep The Land | Lucy Kinbacher |  January 8, 2020 Australian wool has joined forces with one of [...]

Giving Consumers reasons not to buy wool.

Matt Hand, CEO, Australian Council of Exporters Sheep Central | Terry Sim | December 21, 2019 GIVING consumers reasons not to buy wool, despite the fibre’s positives, only succeeds in reducing global wool consumption, especially from Australia, according to Australian exporter leader Matt Hand. As PETA’s launches an anti-wool Christmas campaign and [...]

Superfine wool leader backs growers’ rights on mulesing

Danny Picker, ASWGA President Superfine wool leader backs growers’ rights on mulesing Sheep Central | Terry Sim | December 13, 2019 AUSTRALIAN superfine wool grower leader Danny Picker has renewed support for Merino flock owners to decide individual best practice animal welfare for their flocks, [...]

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Pain Relief Gold Standard Required

Dr Andrew Whale Pain Relief, Gold Standard Required Sheep Central | James Nason | November 20, 2019 RESEARCH to identify a ‘gold standard’ for sheep pain relief should be fast-tracked to enable producers to effectively compare the available pain relief products, a Victorian veterinarian [...]

Biodiversity Convservation Trust (BCT)

Shirley Handy Wild Pigs around trap Biodiversity Field Day Feral Cats on Five Corners Biodiversity Conservation Trust The Land | Lucy Kinbacher | October 17, 2019 A growing number of NSW landholders are voluntarily converting their properties into conservation areas as a result of the [...]

Authentico – Brands force Change on mulesing

Brands force Authentico scheme to drop wool from mulesed flocks Sheep Central | Terry Sim | October 16, 2019 AUSTRALIA’S arm of international luxury fibre processor The Schneider Group has decided to accept only wool from non-mulesed or ceased mulesed flocks for branding under its Authentico integrity scheme. The Authentico scheme was launched last [...]

Four Paws – ‘Wear it Kind’ petition

Click  logo to visit petition page To all those growers who have ceased mulesing, we recommend you sign this petition. Help improve demand for non-mulesed wool. Four Paws "Wear it Kind" A petition Every year millions of Australian lambs raised for wool production continue to suffer the brutal mutilation [...]

Australian Wool Production Continues to Decline

Production continues to decline Australian Wool Testing Authority | October 1, 2019 The progressive total (YTD September) of wool tested by the AWTA compared to the same period last year has declined by 14.2% (by volume). Wool production is now forecast to fall to 285 million kgs, the lowest level since 1924. Clearly, the [...]