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Giving Consumers reasons not to buy wool.

Sheep Central | Terry Sim | December 21, 2019 GIVING consumers reasons not to buy wool, despite the fibre’s positives, only succeeds in reducing global wool consumption, especially from Australia, according to Australian exporter leader Matt Hand. As PETA’s launches an anti-wool Christmas campaign and after comments suggesting mulesing was only a Northern [...]

Freeze Mulesing

‘Freeze mulesing’ is not the solution to end mulesing for Australia’s wool industry 6 November 2019-The latest procedure touted as an alternative to mulesing, developed by Victorian vet Dr Steinfort, is not the solution says leading animal welfare groups, Humane Society International (HSI) and FOUR PAWS. ‘Steining’, also referred to by industry as sheep freeze [...]

Authentico – Brands force Change on mulesing

Brands force Authentico scheme to drop wool from mulesed flocks Sheep Central | Terry Sim | October 16, 2019 AUSTRALIA’S arm of international luxury fibre processor The Schneider Group has decided to accept only wool from non-mulesed or ceased mulesed flocks for branding under its Authentico integrity scheme. The Authentico scheme was launched last [...]