Mulesing deadline alive again

Weekly Times   January 2, 2013-01-05  Sarah Hudson ANIMAL activists have set a new deadline for Australian wool growers to cease mulesing. Animal Liberation NSW executive director Mark Pearson has demanded producers abandon the controversial practice, where skin is removed from the rear ends of sheep to prevent fly-strike, by January 1 next year. Mr Pearson [...]

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Values key to agriculture’s social licence

Stock Journal | BY DEANNA LUSH | 16 Jul, 2012 LIVESTOCK farmers are being urged to reclaim the moral high ground in the animal welfare debate by understanding that values – not science – drive the public’s perception of agricultural practices. United States Center for Food Integrity chief executive Charlie Arnot said values were the foundation for building trust and questions for agriculture were ethically-based testing farmers’ values such as compassion, responsibility, respect, fairness and truth.  But he said the industry had responded to public concern with claims motivated by science and knowledge, which did not address ethical questions. Speaking at the recent LambEx 2012 conference in Bendigo, he said the old model of attacking industry critics and relying solely on science in the argument would not protect farmers’ freedom to operate, called their “social licence”. “We have to give customers, policy-makers, community leaders and consumers permission to believe that contemporary animal agriculture is consistent with their values and expectations,” he said. […]

Building trust to benefit agriculture

The Land | BY COLIN BETTLES | 20 Jul, 2012 Australian agriculture could soon benefit from having a local branch of the highly successful US Center for Food Integrity (CFI). CFI chief Charlie Arnot outlined plans to establish a similar model in Australia during an address to leading Australian farming organisations at the National Farmers’ [...]

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Mulesing – Retail position paper

  The following ‘position paper’ was issued in the last week of February 2012 and is signed by 17 trade organisations representing European and North American textile apparel manufacturers, retailers and brands on the practice of mulesing in the Australian wool industry.       •   As the world’s largest supplier of wool, and an essential supplier of finer-gauge wool, the Australian wool industry is a valued partner for North American and European wool apparel retailers and brands. […]

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A new generation of breeders

Weekly Times  Brian Clancy |  October 31, 2011 If the prices paid for Merino rams this season are any guide, the trend is back to big wool cuts. But there is also more, according to South Australian stud breeder Andrew Michael. "The demand is also for fertility, plainer bodies and no horns," he said. [...]

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Musesing Declaration ‘innocent’ mistake

Rural Press  BY TERRY SIM |18 Oct, 2011 03:30 AM A TREND among Australian woolgrowers of incorrectly declaring their sheep as not mulesed was “innocent”, according to AWEX quality and technical manager Dr Kerry Hansford. On-farm inspections by AWEX between September last year and June 2011 found that 15 per cent of declarations of non-mulesed [...]

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Patagonia pushes traceability

Rural Press   TERRY SIM  27 Aug, 2011 NewMerino’s Peter Vandeleur, left, with Patagonia’s Todd Copeland with a NewMerino base-layer T-Shirt OUTDOOR clothing company Patagonia gave its full support for wool traceability and unmulesed wool production at the Merino2020 conference in Wagga Wagga last week. While outlining the development of the company’s NewMerino® base layer T-shirts from unmulesed Australian wool, Patagonia strategic environmental materials developer Todd Copeland said he knew there was an issue with mulesing. “But I didn’t want to just take the advice of the radical groups that say “Just don’t buy wool from Australia.” […]

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Ludwig’s social licence

  Weekly Times Brian Clancy |  June 24, 2011 WHETHER it was thought up by Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig or the Government, “social licence” is on the farming agenda. Senator Ludwig referred to a social licence when questioned last week in the Senate as to why his ban on live exports to Indonesia included exports from a “closed-loop” exporter – that is, someone who owned the cattle, the Indonesian feedlot and the Indonesian abattoir. […]

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Wool must heed live-trade warning

Weekly Times June 20, 2011 ANIMAL welfare concerns can erupt at any time, writes BRIAN CLANCY Memo to wool producers. Beware the power of public perception. Wool can’t afford to be caught napping like the live cattle export industry was last week. Just what costs the cattle industry will pay for the immediate ban on the Indonesia trade and a potential ban on live exports of all slaughter stock – sheep, cattle and goats – is unknown. […]

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PETA targets tourists in shocking mulesing

The Australian   Kate Midena   April 7, 2011 - PETA launches graphic mulesing video - Campaign targets Aussie sheep farmers - Urges tourists to ‘take action immediately’ ANIMAL rights group PETA have launched a gruesome video campaign warning tourists of the “hidden Australia” showing farmers “mutilating sheep”. The graphic video shows farmers tossing lambs onto a [...]

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