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Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies

Dung beetles at work Introducing new dung beetles to reduce flies The Land | Sharon O'Keefe | January 14, 2020 Swallowed a few flies this summer? Australian scientists are looking to introduce new species of dung beetle, hoping to decrease fly populations exacerbated by [...]

Biodiversity Convservation Trust (BCT)

Shirley Handy Wild Pigs around trap Biodiversity Field Day Feral Cats on Five Corners Biodiversity Conservation Trust The Land | Lucy Kinbacher | October 17, 2019 A growing number of NSW landholders are voluntarily converting their properties into conservation areas as a result of the [...]

Rehydration of the land

Peter Hazell Coordinator of Mulloon Creen Community Project Mulloon Community Project The Land | Stephen Burns | August 1, 2019 Preserving the essential nature of our landscape was the focus of an address at the regenerative agriculture workshop hosted by Gillian Sanbrook at her [...]

Land clearing regulation

Block land clearing is permitted under new legislation, like here in the north west of the state. However, is this the loss of virgin scrub or invasive cyprus and ironbark regrowth? Returning Cyprus dominating a paddock near Bingera, NSW Unmanaged regrowth after a fire near Tingha [...]

Regenerative Agriculture

Lorraine Gordon - Regenerative Agriculture Alliance - Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW Push for subsidised regenerative agriculture The Land | Jamie Brown | June 12,2019 After more than 80 years of industrial-style agriculture dominating Australian broad acre production, a new way of assessing the [...]

Pasture genebank established

Federal Department of Agriculture |2 December 2014 South Australia is set to secure Australia’s rich pastoral heritage and ensure future farming success as the host of the Australian Pastures Genebank. Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said the genebank would be located at the Plant Research Centre at Waite Campus, and would preserve more than 70,000 [...]

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Carbon Mapping

ABC Rural March 26, 2014  Tasmanian Country Hour  Jane Ryan The carbon content of Australia’s soil has been mapped in incredible detail for the first time. Carbon levels have been estimated across every 90 by 90 metre square of the country using soil sampling data and modelling. Lead researcher on the CSIRO project, Dr Raphael [...]

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