Fast Fashion – comes at a price

Synopsis Global apparel consumption is estimated to be around $1.8 trillion making it around 2.3% of global GDP. The global demand is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 5% per year as markets in China and other emerging countries expand. Fast [...]

Fast Fashion – comes at a price2020-08-06T14:18:07+09:30

Re-thinking the wool industry business model

Increasingly various people involved in the wool industry are writing about the need for change: Article published in farmonline Mar 21, 2020 Presentation by Giovanni Schneider at IWTO May 2020 Re-thinking the wool industry business model The recent article by Glenys Traill-Nash in The Australian titled Coronavirus: “Fashion [...]

Re-thinking the wool industry business model2020-08-10T23:06:39+09:30

Coronavirus – impact on wool

Corona virus: Impact on major wool consuming countries Farmonline | Joely Mitchell | April 20, 2020  New forecasts have revealed that the world's major wool consuming countries will see a large decline in economic output in 2020 as a result of coronavirus, raising concerns about the future of demand [...]

Coronavirus – impact on wool2020-04-26T16:40:22+09:30

Wool market plummets amid coronavirus closures, as shoppers stay home in activewear

Stuart McCullough  CEO AWI Wool market plummets amid coronavirus closures, as shoppers stay home in activewear ABC Rural | Cara Jeffery | April 3, 2020  It's been another tough week for the embattled Australian wool industry, with the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) falling a massive 155 cents a kilogram. [...]

Wool market plummets amid coronavirus closures, as shoppers stay home in activewear2020-04-04T13:06:49+10:30

MJ Bale experiment

Australian menswear retailer M.J. Bale has announced five-year agreement with a Tasmanian-based wool farm. Ragtrader | January 15, 2020 The 116-year-old conservationist-led farm, Kingston, will be secured as a supplier for the brand. The agreement includes the exclusive supply of [...]

MJ Bale experiment2020-03-15T15:08:38+10:30

Shaun the Sheep

Click the picture to see the video The Woolmark Company = Australian wool growers money. Can any see any reference to Australian merino? Shaun the Sheep The Land | Lucy Kinbacher |  January 8, 2020 Australian wool has joined forces with one of [...]

Shaun the Sheep2020-03-15T15:08:38+10:30

Confusion rises in China

Confusion in China - Stocks low Farmonline | Vernon Graham | Sept 23, 2019 Greasy wool stocks are running low in China which should be good news for prices in the next few weeks. Speaking from China after the annual Nanjing Wool Market Conference at the weekend, Australian Wool Innovation's trade consultant, Scott Carmody, [...]

Confusion rises in China2020-03-15T15:08:39+10:30

2015 will be the year brands take a public stand on social issues

The Guardian | Jonah Sachs | January 2, 2015 Pro-social brands are the next step for companies looking to morally engage with consumers. Driven by marketers who are moving beyond claims of sustainability and into strong stands on relevant social issues, this trend picked up momentum in 2014. It will be positively explosive in 2015. [...]

2015 will be the year brands take a public stand on social issues2020-03-15T15:08:39+10:30

Why consumers’ environmental concerns important

AWI Market Intelligence  November 2013 report An increasingly important driver of consumer purchasing behaviour, especially those with high discretionary income, is the perceived social and environmental sustainability of the product or service. This applies to textiles as well, and is in part reflected by the growing plethora of environmental rating tools and agencies, such as [...]

Why consumers’ environmental concerns important2020-03-15T15:08:40+10:30

Wool’s Green Credentials

Rural Press | The Land | DANNIKA BONSER   16 September 2013 INTERNATIONAL Wool Textile Organisation president Peter Ackroyd has updated the Australian industry on the Campaign For Wool, a cross-industry initiative set in motion by Prince Charles in 2010. Since becoming president of the IWTO two years ago, Mr Ackroyd said he had made it [...]

Wool’s Green Credentials2020-03-15T15:08:40+10:30
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