2015 will be the year brands take a public stand on social issues

The Guardian | Jonah Sachs | January 2, 2015 Pro-social brands are the next step for companies looking to morally engage with consumers. Driven by marketers who are moving beyond claims of sustainability and into strong stands on relevant social issues, this trend picked up momentum in 2014. It will be positively explosive in 2015. [...]

Why consumers’ environmental concerns important

AWI Market Intelligence  November 2013 report An increasingly important driver of consumer purchasing behaviour, especially those with high discretionary income, is the perceived social and environmental sustainability of the product or service. This applies to textiles as well, and is in part reflected by the growing plethora of environmental rating tools and agencies, such as [...]

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Wool’s Green Credentials

Rural Press | The Land | DANNIKA BONSER   16 September 2013 INTERNATIONAL Wool Textile Organisation president Peter Ackroyd has updated the Australian industry on the Campaign For Wool, a cross-industry initiative set in motion by Prince Charles in 2010. Since becoming president of the IWTO two years ago, Mr Ackroyd said he had made it [...]

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Three steps to better story telling for brands

theguardian | Jonah Sachs | Friday 16 August 2013 Gone are the days when brands could just broadcast their message and reach their audience. They need a good story to break through. In today's wildly evolving media landscape, audiences are gaining more and more control over the information they view and share. Now, more than [...]

Wool’s carbon Audit

Rural Press | Stock Journal | January 3, 2012 ON-FARM data collection of carbon stocks on woolgrowing properties will unlock productivity gains and help inform ways that growers can be recognised for storing carbon. Research by Australian Wool Innovation is collecting data as part of a carbon audit of two major Merino production systems – [...]

Proving the environmental credentials of wool

Stock Journal |Deanna Lush | January 3, 2013 'Green’ wool a priority PROVING the environmental credentials of wool will be one of Australian Wool Innovation’s top priorities in 2013. AWI group manager of market intelligence and reporting Paul Swan said key projects would focus on collecting the hard data required to prove wool was as [...]

Mulesing – Retail position paper

  The following ‘position paper’ was issued in the last week of February 2012 and is signed by 17 trade organisations representing European and North American textile apparel manufacturers, retailers and brands on the practice of mulesing in the Australian wool industry.       •   As the world’s largest supplier of wool, and an [...]

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Patagonia bucks the trend

Weekly Times | Brian Clancy  September 5 2011   Todd Copeland of Patagonia WOOL is helping a leading American outdoor apparel retailer defy the downturn in the US economy. "The downturn has affected all apparel retailers, although outdoor sales are less affected," said Todd Copeland, of Californian outdoor and sportswear retailer Patagonia. "With [...]

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From paddock to Patagonia garment

Rural Press Stock Journal | Terry Sim | 31 August 2011 The NewMerino team at the Merino2020 conference, with woolgrowers sporting their base layer t-shirts, included from left in the rear, Bruce Taylor, Wellington; Patagonia’s Tom Copeland, Trina Weatherly, Streatham; Anna Brien, Wellington with e-wool’s Peter Vandeleur. In the front, from the left, are [...]

Patagonia pushes traceability

Rural Press   TERRY SIM  27 Aug, 2011 NewMerino’s Peter Vandeleur, left, with Patagonia’s Todd Copeland with a NewMerino base-layer T-Shirt OUTDOOR clothing company Patagonia gave its full support for wool traceability and unmulesed wool production at the Merino2020 conference in Wagga Wagga last week. While outlining the development of the [...]

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