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Australia will struggle to supply enough non-mulesed wool

Nigel Kerin: Wool grower NSW Australia will struggle to supply enough non-mulesed wool Sheep Central| Terry Sim | December 21, 2019 At the 2019 Australian Wool Innovation annual general meeting AWI chief executive officer Stuart McCullough pushed back against a suggestion it do more on non-mulesed wool marketing. Referring to an [...]

AWEX and Freeze Branding

Mark Grave, CEO AWEX Martin Oppenheimer Mark Murphy Karbullah Poll Merino Non-Mulesed reaction to Freeze Branding Sheep Central | Terry Sim | December 9, 2019 AWEX is maintaining silence on its position on sheep freeze branding as some Merino breeders mount a campaign opposing [...]

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Freeze Mulesing

‘Freeze mulesing’ is not the solution to end mulesing for Australia’s wool industry 6 November 2019-The latest procedure touted as an alternative to mulesing, developed by Victorian vet Dr Steinfort, is not the solution says leading animal welfare groups, Humane Society International (HSI) and FOUR PAWS. ‘Steining’, also referred to by industry as sheep freeze [...]

Authentico – Brands force Change on mulesing

Brands force Authentico scheme to drop wool from mulesed flocks Sheep Central | Terry Sim | October 16, 2019 AUSTRALIA’S arm of international luxury fibre processor The Schneider Group has decided to accept only wool from non-mulesed or ceased mulesed flocks for branding under its Authentico integrity scheme. The Authentico scheme was launched last [...]

Mulesing Ban Risks Millions of Sheep

Mulesing Ban Risks Millions of Sheep - NSW Farmers Farmonline | Vernon Graham | October 2, 2019 The NSW Farmers Association says a new push to ban mulesing in the state would put millions of sheep at risk. Legislation to ban mulesing in NSW has been introduced into the State Parliament by the Animal [...]

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Swiss plan to label mulesed sheep garments

Swiss plan to label mulesed sheep garments Sheep Central | Terry Sim | September 11, 2019 Swiss Greens MP Aline Trede NEITHER Australia’s major wool industry bodies nor the Federal Government had planned to notify the nation’s grass roots growers of a Swiss proposal to label garments made from wool harvested from mulesed Merino [...]

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