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‘End Mulesing’ Petition – German Filmaker

Sheep Central | May 19, 2019 | Terry Sim A GERMAN filmmaker has launched a petition calling for the immediate ban of surgical mulesing and other operations without pain relief, and a legislated plan to phase out the flystrike prevention practice in Australia. The filmmaker, Joanna Michna and her film crew have launched German and [...]

New animal cruelty reporting legislation due next year

Sheep Central | By Terry Sim, 08 December 2014 A Bill to protect animals under the Criminal Code would not punish whistleblowers or stop employees from reporting cruelty, veterinarian and Senator for Western Australia Chris Back said today. The proposed legislation will require anyone taking visible images of action they believe to be malicious cruelty [...]

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NewMerino developing shearing Code of Practice

Consistent with our commitment to animal welfare and the ethical treatment of animals NewMerino® is working in conjunction with the Shearing Contractors Association of Australia (SCAA) to develop and implement a Code of Practice for shearers and the operations of shearing teams in Australian shearing sheds. The Code will conform to best practice standards outlined [...]

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PETA slammed for delayed reporting promptly

Weekly Times | July 16, 2014 | Cimara Doutré and Nicola Bell PETA have been slammed for not reporting animal cruelty to authorities for up to 12 months ANIMAL activists witnessed animal cruelty in Australian shearing sheds for up to 12 months before reporting it to authorities.  US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [...]

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Shearers defend industry after PETA video

Weekly Times | July 15, 2014 | Nicola Bell THE shearing industry has defended its profession against videos released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals last week showing shearers abusing sheep.    Formal shearer training is conducted in Australia Shearing contractors Jason and Diddi Wingfield, of Baldwin Shearing, at Cobram, said [...]

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Vic shearer gives Peta open invite

Rural Press | The Land | 11 July, 2014 | Dannika Bonser A VICTORIAN shearing contractor has invited PETA to spend a day in the shed with one of her shearing teams. Emma Morvell has run Central Shearing out of Ballarat for the past 11 years. “They have painted a five minute video of people [...]

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Mulesing deadline alive again

Weekly Times   January 2, 2013-01-05  Sarah Hudson ANIMAL activists have set a new deadline for Australian wool growers to cease mulesing. Animal Liberation NSW executive director Mark Pearson has demanded producers abandon the controversial practice, where skin is removed from the rear ends of sheep to prevent fly-strike, by January 1 next year. Mr Pearson [...]

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Values key to agriculture’s social licence

Stock Journal | BY DEANNA LUSH | 16 Jul, 2012 LIVESTOCK farmers are being urged to reclaim the moral high ground in the animal welfare debate by understanding that values – not science – drive the public’s perception of agricultural practices. United States Center for Food Integrity chief executive Charlie Arnot said values were the [...]