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Patagonia pushes traceability

Rural Press   TERRY SIM  27 Aug, 2011 NewMerino’s Peter Vandeleur, left, with Patagonia’s Todd Copeland with a NewMerino base-layer T-Shirt OUTDOOR clothing company Patagonia gave its full support for wool traceability and unmulesed wool production at the Merino2020 conference in Wagga Wagga last week. While outlining the development of the [...]

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British retailers firm on anti-mulesing

Weekly Times   Brian Clancy BRITISH retailers have denied they are going soft on their push against surgical mulesing. British Retail Consortium sustainability policy officer Catherine Pazderka said although the retailers were pushing for more transparency as to whether or not wool growers were still surgically mulesing their sheep, that was no indication British retailers were [...]

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More livestock is climate change key

Rural Press  The Land  MATTHEW CAWOOD   | 10 Jul, 2011 04:00 AM Livestock are the best tool available to arrest the impact of environmental degradation on climate change, grazing management pioneer Allan Savory told Australians this week. Mr Savory, who gave the keynote address to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Bonn a [...]

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Ludwig’s social licence

  Weekly Times Brian Clancy |  June 24, 2011 WHETHER it was thought up by Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig or the Government, “social licence” is on the farming agenda. Senator Ludwig referred to a social licence when questioned last week in the Senate as to why his ban on live exports to Indonesia included exports [...]

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Wool must heed live-trade warning

Weekly Times June 20, 2011 ANIMAL welfare concerns can erupt at any time, writes BRIAN CLANCY Memo to wool producers. Beware the power of public perception. Wool can’t afford to be caught napping like the live cattle export industry was last week. Just what costs the cattle industry will pay for the immediate ban on [...]

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Carbon storage to rival wool: Garnaut

Rural Press Stock Journal    BEN CUBBY, SMH    15 Apr, 2011 10:19 AM STORING carbon dioxide in the landscape has the potential to be as important to the rural economy in 2020 as the entire Australia wool industry, the federal government's climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut, believes. Professor Garnaut addressed a public meeting in [...]

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PETA targets tourists in shocking mulesing

The Australian   Kate Midena   April 7, 2011 - PETA launches graphic mulesing video - Campaign targets Aussie sheep farmers - Urges tourists to ‘take action immediately’ ANIMAL rights group PETA have launched a gruesome video campaign warning tourists of the “hidden Australia” showing farmers “mutilating sheep”. The graphic video shows farmers tossing lambs onto a [...]

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Anything to Declare

  Supply Chain Transparency February/March Issue www.ecotextile.com   Transparency in the Australian wool industry is essential if the global wool sector's 'green' credentials are going to stack up with consumers. The public relations perspective frequently given by the Australian Merino wool industry is one of a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable fibre that is more [...]

Green is Good

Australian Wool Innovation Newsletter March 2011 Consumer awareness of environmental issues and demand for ‘green’ products and services in Tier 1 Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing is ‘skyrocketing’, according to consumer survey results reported in Ecotextile News this month.  A study conducted by TUV SUD Asia Pacific indicated that 83% of consumers expressed [...]

Naked Truth on PETA

Weekly Times      Editorial     So, it has come to this.  30 March 2011 PETA, that great moral crusader of our time, has been exposed as nothing more than a grubby porn peddler. It is time for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to be told enough is enough. […]

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