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Saving the planet from desertification

Tuesday, 29 April 2014  IWTO Conference in South Africa Tear up rule book, Savory tells wool sector (Headline from EcoTextile News)    Alan Savory Capetown – April 29, 2014 Only properly managed livestock will save the planet from the devastating effects of desertification – that was the message of keynote speaker, Allan Savory, on day two of this year’s IWTO wool textile event in South Africa. “The importance of this issue to your industry is just mind-boggling,” Savory told a wool industry audience which appeared alarmed and intrigued in equal measure by the renowned environmentalist’s unusually frank address. Brett Mathews reports from South Africa. Editor: We will attempt to get full details of the presentation for later publication. About Allan Savory  from the  IWTO web site […]

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H&M Stops Using Angora Rabbit Fur After PETA Investigation

One Green Planet  | December 2, 2013  and CBS News The Swedish clothing giant H&M has just announced that they will immediately halt production of clothes made with angora hair, after an undercover investigation by PETA revealed the horrific production methods of angora farming from factories in China (where 90 percent of angora wool is produced for world markets).  graphic video  […]

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Why consumers’ environmental concerns important

AWI Market Intelligence  November 2013 report An increasingly important driver of consumer purchasing behaviour, especially those with high discretionary income, is the perceived social and environmental sustainability of the product or service. This applies to textiles as well, and is in part reflected by the growing plethora of environmental rating tools and agencies, such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and also changing regulatory environment for product developers and processors. […]

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Wool’s Green Credentials

Rural Press | The Land | DANNIKA BONSER   16 September 2013 INTERNATIONAL Wool Textile Organisation president Peter Ackroyd has updated the Australian industry on the Campaign For Wool, a cross-industry initiative set in motion by Prince Charles in 2010. Since becoming president of the IWTO two years ago, Mr Ackroyd said he had made it [...]

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Three steps to better story telling for brands

theguardian | Jonah Sachs | Friday 16 August 2013 Gone are the days when brands could just broadcast their message and reach their audience. They need a good story to break through. In today's wildly evolving media landscape, audiences are gaining more and more control over the information they view and share. Now, more than [...]

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Alan Savory goes mainstream

Alan Savory Rural Press -The Land | Matthew Cawood | June 22, 2013 ALLAN Savory estimates that his ideas are used across about 15 million hectares of the world’s grasslands, but until recently his audience was relatively small, albeit dedicated. Three months ago, all that changed in about 20 minutes when the former game ranger, guerilla soldier and farmer who conceived the need for “holistic management” of the planet’s grasslands spoke quietly but passionately on his theme at a packed TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. Mr Savory’s videoed talk has since received about 1.7 million views across the TED internet channel and YouTube. […]

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Carbon Water Food – Sustainability

Stock Journal | Rural Press  Matthew Cawood | March 7, 2013   Professor Mark Adams THE big themes of agriculture - water, food and carbon - will for the first time be tackled as a set of interconnected issues in a new University of Sydney initiative. Dean of the university's Faculty of Agriculture [...]

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Apparel retailers risk more brand damage

Ecotextile News |Wednesday, 02 January 2013 LONDON – The growing power of social media could have dire consequences for clothing brands that continue to flout environmental laws, creating a major headache for shareholders and investors according to Ecotextile News contributor Pamela Ravasio, who says other NGO’s are set to follow Greenpeace’s example and target the [...]

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Wool’s carbon Audit

Rural Press | Stock Journal | January 3, 2012 ON-FARM data collection of carbon stocks on woolgrowing properties will unlock productivity gains and help inform ways that growers can be recognised for storing carbon. Research by Australian Wool Innovation is collecting data as part of a carbon audit of two major Merino production systems – [...]

Proving the environmental credentials of wool

Stock Journal |Deanna Lush | January 3, 2013 'Green’ wool a priority PROVING the environmental credentials of wool will be one of Australian Wool Innovation’s top priorities in 2013. AWI group manager of market intelligence and reporting Paul Swan said key projects would focus on collecting the hard data required to prove wool was as [...]