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About the Supply Alliance

To make the Supply Network fully effective, NewMerino works with a group of progressive wool brokers representing 3,500 Australian growers producing approximately 10 million kgs (clean weight) of non-mulesed merino wool.

A key goal of the NewMerino system is to provide growers who have ceased mulesing and manage their farms in a responsible manner, a marketing and supply system which will give them the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their initiative.

Despite their willingness to change their production system, these ‘new generation’ growers have no specialized pathway to promote the sale of their wool to the growing market for non-mulesed wool from responsibly managed and verified farms.

How to join the Supply Network

NewMerino is set up to act as an Internal Control System (ICS) for brokers. This enables them have their growers accredited to the RWS under the group certification model.

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