Our Goal: To make it easy for retail brands to establish a transparent supply chain of verified merino with full traceback to responsibly managed farms operating to recognised animal welfare and land management standards.

Our Mission

1. To provide wool producers with a farmer friendly and efficient method of establishing and demonstrating that they are producing merino wool using a responsible approach to their sheep and the land on which they graze.

2. To provide retail brands with a credible verification system which will enable them to demonstrate to their customers that merino used in their garments has been sourced from responsibly managed farms meeting internationally recognized standards.

3. To assist brands overcome the disconnection between themselves and the farmers supplying their wool.

4. To provide provenance through full transparency.

Unique Feature

The web-based registration and forecasting system for growers not only makes certification of farm efficient but it provides a unique ability to identify suitably qualified growers who have the potential to supply wool on a time frame that will meet the requirements of retail brands.

Independence and Single Focus

NewMerino is an independent and single focused organisation.

Importantly, it is an organisation which does not take ownership of wool at any stage.

It can therefore operate without bias or conflict of interest.

NewMerino works comfortably with all stages of the supply chain representing the interest of retail brands and to our knowledge, is the only organisation in the wool industry offering such a service.

Supply Facilitation

Both brands and growers are subject to seasonal influences but for different reasons. This requires good planning and a much closer connection between suppliers and brands to implement a certified supply system for an agricultural product where availability, the integrity of the product and its provenance is to be maintained.