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Supply made Easy for Spinners

The NewMerino is a supply facilitation service specialising in certified non-mulesed wool.

The service has been designed to make it easy and reliable for spinners to obtain supply of Australian merino from Responsibly Managed Farms

We work in conjunction with your nominated exporter to obtain supply of non-mulesed wool using our Grower Supply Network .

Supply will come from farms verified to international animal welfare and land management standards.

Increasingly, retail brands want absolute certainty about the provenance of merino fibre used in their garments.

To enable spinners to provide this assurance, NewMerino provides Transaction Certificates at the following stages;

  • Export
  • Topmaking
  • Spinning

We also offer to provide brands with a Certificate of Origin and Attributes

The process is simple. What you need do:

Provide the following information;

  1. A Tops or Greasy wool specification
  2. Volume
  3. Date tops need to be available in China
  4. Contact details of your exporter and topmaker

We will work with your existing supply chain partners to make it happen.

Contact us for more information

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