is not limited to
what we supply,
it’s how we supply it and why.

The Wool

Verified non-mulesed only

Fully Traceable

Premium Quality Fleece

100% Australian Merino

The Process

NewMerino® is an independent facilitator using a unique, transparent, one to one value chain and a network of ‘New Generation Farmers’.

The Brand

The NewMerino® brand represents validity of product, provenance, and process based on responsible farming practice and transparency.

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The New Generation

NewMerino®  is also about the land, the water, the trees, the native animals and the farming families who live and work with them. It’s the complete story of New Generation Farmers and the way they operate.


New Generation Farmers demonstrate that their farms are managed in a sustainable and holistic manner and that all animals are cared for in accordance with the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.


The New Generation of merino sheep, are bred using new genetics and scientifically developed selection criteria resulting in a plain bodied animal so that mulesing is no longer practised.


New Generation Farmers embrace holistic land management principles with the goal of developing and maintaining a resilient ecosystem that can regenerate, withstand stress and rebuild itself when necessary.

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