Supply Made Easy for Brands – 3 easy steps


yarn_5Using NewMerino® fibre is very easy, brands do not need to change their suppliers.

1. Advise your supplier that you require garments to be made using NewMerino® certified fibre.

2. Specify the necessary attributes and advise that you require a NewMerino® ‘certificate of authenticity’.

3. Communicate directly with NewMerino® and introduce us to your knitter / spinner so that we can be sure you will receive all the information you need and that we are in a position to help facilitate transactions through the supply chain.


How we can help you


NewMerino® can assist you or your spinner / knitter / garment maker to :

*  Managing the acquisition of merino fibre directly from farms that meet the environmental, ethical and animal welfare standards required by your company.

*  Ensure that the fibre supplied is technically suitable for the product category.

*  Maintain fibre integrity and provide traceability through all stages to yarn.

* Assist your company achieve a market place advantage through a genuine fibre story.


If you would like further information we would welcome your communication.

Please contact us or contact one of our people