Stock service:

Save 110 days lead time

NewMerino® is developing a stock service in conjunction with a major Chinese topmaker.

This service will reduce the lead time by 55% or 110 days while still providing full verification / certification as an independent facilitator.

If this service is of interest to you please contact us.

Lead Times Days
Accumulation of raw wool 30
Shipping to China 35
Customs clearance  10
Topmaking 30
Treatments 10
Shipping to spinner 10
Spinning 30
Knitting 30
 Garment making  20
Total 205

From the table to the left, you can see that three of the largest times are in the early stages ie;

  • testing and consolidation from farms
  • shipping and clearance into China
  • topmaking and treatments

By participating in the Stock Holding Service your lead time can be reduce by the first four stages (approx 110 days).

The Stock Holding Service is available to retail brands and their spinners who are willing to establish NewMerino as a key partner in their supply chain and who will work closely with us to provide a forecast of their future requirements along with a level of commitment.

  • tops specification
  • indication of likely volumes
  • timing of your program requirements.

We will then be in a position to hold inventory of the types and volumes you will require.

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