Questions & Answers



The following are questions we have received from brands and retailers. If you have a question please use our contact form. Make sure you provide an email address and we will respond directly to you.

Q. Do I have to change my suppliers?  Does NewMerino® change the way the supply chain works?

A. No, you do not have to change suppliers as long as your existing suppliers are willing to work with NewMerino® and sign off on the trace back documents.

Q. Who provides the certification documents?

A. NewMerino® provides all the documentation.

Q. Who receives the documentation?

A. Normally we issue a Certificate of Origin & Attributes to the brand along with information about the farms supplying the fibre.

Q. Is it audited?

A. Yes. Depending on the attributes that have been specified auditing occurs at several stages and by various certifying organisations associated with the different attributes. For example, there is a full document trail regarding mulesing and it is audited at the warehouse as well as on farm. Sustainable farming systems are audited by the certifying organisation.

Q. Does it cost more to use NewMerino® certified fibre?

A. It should not cost more as the direct supply system eliminates the margins of the traders in the commodity supply system.   The cost of certification is very small being between 2% and 4% of the value of the raw wool.

Q. Is it difficult to get supply?  Do I need to forecast my requirements?

A. Merino wool is now at its lowest level of production for 25 years and with growing demand is moving into a different supply situation.  Requiring special attributes (like non-mulesed)  limits the supply which is available at any given time, so it is advisable to work with NewMerino® to forecast your requirements and give advance notice of the attributes which will be required.

Q. Do I get full trace back capability?

A. Yes. All the farmers contributing to your consignment are identified in the documentation. There is also a trace back facility on this website.

Q. Can we create a full fibre story associated with NewMerino® supply to support our marketing of merino products?

A. Yes we are always very happy to work with brands to develop the supply story that meets their individual marketing needs.

Q. Can I use the NewMerino® system as a component of my goal for total supply chain transparency for wool products.

A. Absolutely, we will be pleased to work with you to ensure that you achieve all the assurance you need for your individual program.