Questions & Answers

The following are questions we have received from processors. If you have a question please use our contact form. Make sure you provide an email address and we will respond directly to you.

Q. We are spinners and our customer (a major brand in the USA) has stated that they want to be sure the merino fibre they use in future comes  from sheep that have not been mulesed. Is this possible? They have suggested NewMerino®. What do I need to do to obtain supply?

A. Yes, it certainly is possible. All you have to do is to inform your topmaker to order a consignment of greasy wool from NewMerino® and indicate that you will require copies of the Certificate of Authenticy for the topmaking consignment. We suggest you also contact us directly and we will then be able to ensure that the transaction takes place in a timely manner. Advising us of your requirements in advance will ensure that the right wool is available.

Q. My customer said that they will need real evidence that the wool we will be using is genuinely non-mulesed. What evidence will you provide?

A. If you are a spinner, we will provide a certificate signed by the topmaker and supported by our ‘on farm’ declaration and farm profiles. We will also have additional supporting documentation generated during the testing and consignment building stages, which will be retained in our office and is available if required.

Q. Can you provide full trace back to the farms on which the wool was grown so that we can provide this to the brand if it is asked for?

A. Yes, we can. You will see from the above answers that we have a complete document trail at all times. We also provide a trace back system on our website.

Q. Is NewMerino® going to cost more?

A.  This is always a difficult question to answer. More than what?  It costs  approx 2% of the average value of wool (clean price per kg in Australia) to provide the certification, so if there is a difference in the price quoted by a topmaker it should be very small. By all means, check with us directly.