Questions & Answers

The following are questions we have received from growers. If you have a question please use our contact form. Make sure you provide an email address and we will respond directly to you.

Q. Can I expect a premium for my wool?

A. Direct consignments always acheive prices better than auction and are paid as premium bonus payments. The level of bonus payments will depend somewhat on which product segment your wool is used. Our main goal for growers is to achieve stable pricing at profitable levels for growers, year after year.

Q.  What happens if my wool is not suitable for the direct orders that are current at the time I send in my wool?

A. It is always difficult to know the precise suitability of your wool until a full set of test results is available. If test results indicate that the wool will not fit into a particular direct consignment the supply chain manager is able to provide you with a full set of selling alternatives including auction.

Q. Do you want all my wool or just some of it?

A. The supply chain manager would prefer to handle all your wool as it is then available for whatever opportunities arise. You are not disadvantaged in any way as you can access the auction market or any other selling system as you would through any broker. NewMerino® provides you with additional direct selling opportunities without any disadvantages.

Q. Can I still warehouse my wool with my regular broker?

A. No. If your wool is in another brokers store we do not have electronic access to all the test data, without which we are unable to gauge its suitability for inclusion in direct processing consignments on a day to day basis. Also, we need to have control of the logistics so that we can arrange shipping.

Q. Does it cost more to sell using NewMerino®?

A. The only additional cost is the certification fee, but this is always offset by the additional income generated by using the NewMerino®brand. 

Q. What types of wool do you require for orders?

A. All fleece types and good pieces. Low vm wool is always sought after. Low CvD is also very beneficial.

Q. What is the benefit of being a “Preferred Producer?”

A. NewMerino®  “Preferred Producers” are recognized by brand owners as professional wool growers who can be relied on to produce high quality wool using a production system that can be certified for meeting standards demanded by a new generation of environmentally aware consumers. Brand owners usually stipulate that the wool they use must be supplied by “preferred producers” and as such they become “preferred suppliers”.