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Non-mulesed wool supply

The following statistics are updated as at June 30, 2016. We update these figures annually so as to represent a full year’s Australian production.

Supply of non-mulesed wool (Categories CM and NM) have increased by 7% in 2015/16 over the previous year and now comprise 9.2% of total wool production.


This does not include wool from sheep which have been mulesed with pain relief.

This figures cover wool of all micron categories

The following table shows the mulesing status declared by growers selling at auction

source:   Australian Wool Exchange

% of growers
Not mulesed 10.9
Ceased mulesing 3.0
Pain releif 21.1
Left Blank = regarded as declared mulesed 20.0
Not declared 45.1

There are approximately 26,000 wool growers in Australia.

Of these, approximately 3,100 produce non-mulesed wool or have ceased the practice of mulesing.


Merino wool

Australia produces 10,000 tons (clean weight) of non-mulesed merino fleece wool.

This is equivalent to approximately:

75% of South African total merino production

125% of Argentinian total merino production

100% of New Zealand total merino production