Verification and Certification

NewMerino® is a certification system for Australian merino.

It is designed to verify all attributes and elements of merino supply from farm to yarn.

Being fully transparent and pro-active, it is structured to represent the interest of the brand from the beginning the supply cycle.

Independence is a core strength

NewMerino® is completely independent of, and has no financial connection to, any sector of the wool industry. Consequently we act without bias or conflict of interest.

We believe this to be a critical element if consumers are to have confidence in the claims made by brands and to ensure they do not see it as just ‘marketing spin’.

It is important to understand therefore that NewMerino® is different from others in that we are not:

  • a wool grower
  • a wool grower group
  • a merchant or trader
  • a topmaker, spinner or knitter and
  • we do not take ownership of wool at any stage.

NewMerino® involvement in the commercial elements of the transaction is as a facilitator only.