Price Information in USD

The following charts are provided to help brands understand current and historic pricing. They are based on the Australian auction market as reported by AWEX and have been converted into USD.

Merino wool prices are very volatile and can vary by up to 30% over a price cycle of 18 to 30 months. In Australian $ terms it can move by 150 to 200 cents (10 to 15% in a few weeks). These variations are further influenced by the Australian / US exchange rates.

19 Micron Five Year History

This chart is a trace of the 19 micron price guide (MPG) over 5 years.

The red horizontal line is the five year average.

19 Micron USD/AUD

This charts displays the AUD reported price (red line) overlaid with the same data converted to USD (blue line) and therefore demonstrates the effect that the AUD/USD exchange rate movement has had on prices paid for wool by manufacturers.

Key point:  The AUD/USD exchange rate has move very strongly in favour of companies buying in USD

19 Micron Trading Range

This chart represents the trading range of prices for a given year. The top of the red bar represents the highest prices quoted for the year and the top of the blue bar represents the lowest price reported for the year.

USD / AUD Exchange rate history

From 2009 until about February 2012 the AUD increased it’s value from around USD 0.65c to 1.08  This is an increase of approximately 66% making wool purchased in USD expensive.

Since that time it has steadily declined in value and by July 2016 had lost most of that increase and was trading shortly above 74 USD. Because of he end of the commodity boom in Australia it is predicted to go lower still.

Yearly average prices

This chart shows the average price for each of the last seven years

The average price for the last full year ending June 2016 is the lowest for six years.